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When I was 22 I moved to Amsterdam from the north of Holland, from a little village with only 300 inhabitants to pursue a career as a photographer in the big city. Back then I made a lot of so called cityscapes, which are more or less abstract images with a taut play of lines. Over the years I started to focus more towards portraiture, which is what I do now for most of the time, although you still might find me lying on the pavement in some strange place, looking for the perfect angle to photograph reflection of something or other.

The people I photograph are from all parts of society, which appeals to me greatly because hearing their stories makes me see the world with a continually broadening view and sometimes forces me to see things in ways I could not have foreseen.

My style of photography leads to clean portraits of diverse figures in which the character commands the foreground; sometimes with a factual approach suited to the specific characters and sometimes with a more conceptual approach demanding more editing – but always drawn to reality.

Clients: Rabobank, Barry Callebaut, Bols, Code, de Volkskrant, Delta Lloyd Group, Elsevier, Ernst & Young, Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, Holland Herald, Humo, Nationale Politie, NRC Handelsbald, NRC- Next, NISB, Opzij, Psy, Randstad, Runnersworld, Sagatiba, Stolichnaya, UPC, UvA, Vara Gids